A Girl On A Mission

About a week ago, I got to thinking about some of the things that have been going on in my life, and I started realizing that beyond having to catch people up with all the new stuff that was going on, it would be much more practical to create something that my all my friends living on multiple continents, in different time zones, could have easy access to. As a result of the desire to share this important news to special friends, to tell people how God has been working in my life, and to more easily reach others, the idea of this blog was born.

Since the story behind the name of this blog is on the “My Story” page, I’m going to go ahead and skip to what everyone is wanting to know: what the news is exactly about. To help you understand, let me explain that God has grown my passion for the mission field in an incredible way over the past few years. He has opened doors for me to translate for all kinds of short-term missions trips in Brazil, where I grew up as a missionary kid, and given me some of the godliest friends who have encouraged me in my walk with Christ. To top all this off, I have been blessed with opportunities time after time to teach, speak, and travel, even in situations where I have felt most inadequate.

But God in His abundant mercy does not stop there. Above all the things in the list that I have accomplished, perhaps the number one purpose God had was to show me that the desire to serve, and love others comes naturally, to the extent that He has clearly called me to a life of full-term missions, so that this serving, and loving may point people to the best thing on planet earth: Christ Himself.

Since recognizing this, I have begun working on my major in Psychology so that I can be better prepared to respond to needs around me. As I have studied, and continued to grow in my current church, I could not ignore this urge to go ahead and be actively involved in missions somehow. The whole idea is kind of difficult to explain, but I believe I could sum it up like this: I do not have to wait to complete my major to begin using abilities God has given me. In fact, God wants me to take opportunities as they come to share His Word.

So I began a search for international opportunities, since my heart is in foreign missions, and prayed that God would give me direction. It did not take long before God led me to one particular person who paved the way to an opportunity that was exactly what I was looking for: South Korea. Just this past week, I got a confirmation that I was accepted to work at the Word of Life ministry in South Korea, just south of Seoul. I will be going in May, and serve for one month at the Bible Institute, primarily as an English teacher, but also heading up a few students in a discipleship program.

There are many more details to come in future posts, along with prayer requests, interesting facts, answers to your questions (if you have any), among other things, so please stay posted, and follow to see more. Also, I already have a link you can go to if God is leading you to support this trip:

God is definitely working in many hearts, and I believe that this is just the beginning of all He has called me to do, of all the things that He is going to do in South Korea, and so much more. Praise HIM for giving simple people like me the chance to do something incredible; HE is worthy!


One thought on “A Girl On A Mission

  1. I am so thrilled at what God is doing in your life! I can’t wait to see how He uses you around the world. I am praying for great and mighty things as you follow God’s call on your life. I know He is already using you in great ways because of your fearless obedience! Much love, Valerie


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