Why South Korea?

Hey, guys! It’s been a little while since I have been on here due to the business of everyday life but God has done some amazing things just in the past couple of weeks. Two of those things would be allowing me to speak to some girls at the public Middle School in town, and seeing a girl from Wednesday night Bible study come to Christ! My upcoming trip to South Korea like all of these other events is just another opportunity to share the love of Christ, and I am so blessed to make it happen in another country! I sent out a letter to quite a few people for support, and would like to include here a list of questions that I think many of you who did not get the letter may still have.

Why South Korea?

My interest in Asia began as I child when I started having a desire to visit China someday, maybe because I thought it would be a fascinating experience. Over the last couple of years, I have become aware of areas commonly known for their prostitution and red light districts in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. This has sparked even more interest due to my specific call to ministry to people in such situations. Well, since I’ve kept Asia in mind for a while, I was overjoyed when the opportunity in South Korea arose. It also meets other “criteria” that I feel are important:

  1. It’s an opportunity with long-term potential. Though I do not plan to stay for an extensive period of time, at least for now, the people I minister to will have the available support of good spiritual leaders in order to help them on their spiritual journey even after I leave.
  2. It’s a partnership with a Bible-believing-and-practicing organization. Going somewhere and telling people about hope and love is pointless if we don’t do it in a manner that points to the One who is hope and love Himself. Since Christ is the very reason I am on mission, I want to make sure that I partner with someone who truly shares this same passion for Him.
  3. It has a focus on teenagers or young adults. There is a lot of good stuff out there being done with other age groups, but I feel that it is wise to pursue possibilities that would provide more experience with youth since God is specifically calling me to this and especially since my past work has mainly been with kids and older adults.

Working with Word of Life turns out to be a wonderful fit for everything that I have prayed about and felt God directing me to do. As for Asia, that is just a bonus He has added to bless me (even if I will not yet be able to reach people in the red light districts).

What are you going to do there?

My ministry focus will be on teaching two to three English classes daily to a group of students at the School of Youth Ministries in English in South Korea. I will also have the opportunity to disciple students through Bible studies and other times of fellowship. The teaching duties will be during the weekdays for four weeks. Weekends will be “off” time, which I hope to spend with the same students to get to know their town, visit churches, and experience the unique, oriental culture.

How much money is needed?

Word of Life has asked for a total payment of $875 by April 13th. You can help with this expense by making a secure donation online at:

https://give.wol.org/050A4S   or   https://give.wol.org/paigenichols

In addition, personal cost for roundtrip airfare is $1,160. If you prefer to help with travel expenses, you can send a check to my personal address or make a PayPal deposit using my email.

Thank you so much for all that you do to support me! I will keep you posted as God continues to take action. He is worthy of it all!


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