Life Purpose

Purpose Statement:

Recognizing that God through His abundant mercy changed my life in such a way that I am no longer in bondage to sin, but rather a freed child of Christ, I am determined to help other young women discover this same hope and freedom. As Christ poured His life into other people so that they could find healing and salvation, by God’s grace I commit to use my artistic abilities, creativity, leadership and mentoring to guide the abused, prostitute, victim of human trafficking and chemical dependent towards the Cross of Jesus where they can find everlasting forgiveness and new life.

5-Year Vision Statement:

To have a full-time ministry of my own, or to work in partnership with some other Bible-believing organization. I want my ministry to offer services to young women in high-risk situations, and provide them with the resources to begin a new, healthy lifestyle in Christ. As a means to reach these needy people, I will be a part of many community activities, and be actively involved in my local church.

Mission Statement:

To equip myself for ministry by first attending, and graduating from college. In the course of this time, I will participate in local outreach activities, and mission trips to grow my wisdom, and love for the mission field. Finally, I will separate time to have mentors share their input, and advice into my life meanwhile developing the skills, and artistic abilities God gave me as a tool for reaching others.


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